Sunday, July 13, 2008

Whipping my assets into shape

My friend Andi once told me that she loved the movie G.I. Jane because watching Demi Moore become super-buff was motivation enough for her to do the same.

And while I admit that observing U.S. Navy Seals in all their glory is indeed inspiration for me as well, I must concede to another guilty pleasure: The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Yes, they're infuriatingly spoiled and vain and surgically enhanced, but the Housewives' world is so bizarre and so different from my own that I can't help in being oddly intrigued. Plus, because they look good, I want to take better care of myself in an attept to look just as good.

Minus the surgical enhancement, that is.*

*Sadly, my budget is slightly less than that of the Gold Diggers ... er ... Housewives.


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Women's Health knows best

The advertisement in the July/August 2007 back issue of Women's Health magazine was addressing -- no, threatening -- me: Don't let another summer go to waist.

I was lamenting to my husband the other day that we need to start getting up earlier to go running again each morning. We do it in winter at O-Dark-30 and in seemingly uninhabitable sub-zero temperatures, so why aren't we doing it now, when the sun is rising at it's earliest and it's safe to go outdoors with some skin slightly exposed?

The last thing I want to face this fall is that oh-so-familiar feeling of 'Why did we waste this summer sleeping in and staying indoors? Why didn't we take advantage of the sunshine to get in shape?'

As they say, the time for change is now. 

It's Canada Day, the weather is lovely, and our little dog would love nothing more than to take us for a walk down to the river.