Thursday, November 24, 2011

Attempts at grab-bag blogging

Has it really been nearly two months since my last post?

Each day something at least semi-eventful takes place, and I strategically place it in my mental reserves under the must-blog-about-that-later section...... but, alas, the rest of my life seems to envelope every spare ounce of energy I have, thus allowing little time for writing.

So here I am, stealing one from de facto redhead and just offering a mish-mash of grab-bag blogging with the hopes that I can at least touch on some of the random thoughts that circled in my mind throughout the day:

  • I've been lucky enough to work from home a couple days a week for the last few weeks, and this has allowed me to catch up on the only two talk shows I care to watch: Live with Regis and Kelly and The Talk. Sadly, Regis's last air date was a week ago, but I'm grateful he left on his own terms and still has his health. Too bad the same can't be said for TheTalk's former co-hosts, Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete. I'm sure they have their health, but it sounds like neither of them left the show on their own terms. Really a shame, because Leah Remini was the best part of that panel of hosts! She always made me laugh, and the show just isn't the same without her. Boo.

  • Another of my guilty pleasures is The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Oh dear Lawd, these ladies are total disfunction, which naturally makes for some great TV. Given that I never hear anyone else speak of them, I'm beginning to wonder if I'm the only person who watches this show (and then goes online to read the episode recaps by Jay Mohr). I may have just outed my inner-geek, but I maintain that the Jersey girls + a glass of wine = pure entertainment.

  • Moving away from TV and back to work..... my husband surprised me in the office the other day by showing up with a fresh red rose in a vase and a Christmas ornament for my office door that reads "Take a Hike". I love both the rose and the ornament, but it's the former that really struck a chord with my co-workers. One even took a photo and emailed it to her other half with the headline: SOME husbands still bring flowers to their wife. Ha -- too funny. (And, yes, I am really spoiled.)

  • Last month my husband also showed up unannounced and hand-delivered some freshly baked Pumpkin Chocolate Chunk Scones that were a huge hit. He didn't bake them -- my mother-in-law did while she stayed with us for a few weeks -- but the fact that he came in bearing baked goods certainly earned him a few bonus points. (Did I mention I'm spoiled?) By the way, de facto redhead, these scones look suspiciously similar to your mouth-watering pumpkin cookies -- could be similar recipes, perhaps? We'll have to compare.

  • Still on the topic of work, the other day some staff members pulled a Christmas tree out of storage and decided to decorate it, which is terrific given that I don't remember anyone there ever setting it up in previous years. What's even more interesting is that also in storage was a box of Christmas ornaments bearing individual staff members' names in glitter. (Think Days of Our Lives and check out my Christmas post from last year.) Very cool. Speaking of which, I'm hoping someone else will soon be blogging about their eclectic collection of ornaments as well. (*Cough*de facto redhead*Cough*)

  • The bad thing about Christmas being near is that it also means we're having to endure an onslaught of miserable weather. Seriously, it's not even officially winter yet, and already I just want to get the hell out of dodge. (My 17-year-old nephew has been living with us since September after having moved up here from Florida and, frankly, I think he's a little nuts for choosing the Frozen North over the Sunshine State.) If I could escape for the next four months, I would.

  • I know that feeling envy toward another person is considered one of the Seven Deadly Sins, but I'm feeling it big time these days as I recently discovered a blog written by someone with whom I attended high school. We weren't friends, but we did have some classes together and had mutual acquaintances. These days, she's escaped the tundra and is living in Mexico while still travelling to exotic locales every few months (most recently Sri Lanka) to surf full time and write freelance articles for sports magazines. Oh, to be living that life. 

Speaking of which, she recently interviewed a fellow surfer (Kyle Thiermann) who said something I've often thought but have never been able to articulate so eloquently:

The world is a book, and those who don’t travel read only one page.”

Yes, that travelling itch is especially strong for me this time of year. 

Please wake me once it's spring!